Curriculum Equipment, Areas & Spaces

The curriculum, or content of the environment, provides a wide variety of open-ended materials and experiences. Open-ended means that materials or experiences have as many uses, solutions, meanings, or sets of rules as there are children engaging in them. The processes of interacting with the elements in the child's environment are the focus of the curriculum - - the products are simply extras. The teacher as facilitator enables growth for each child in each developmental area. The child's immediate environment includes space and equipment to enable the accomplishment of our goals.


  • Educational Books
  • Art Supplies
  • Building Blocks
  • Water & Sand Tables

Areas & Spaces

  • Manipulative & Outdoor Areas
  • Quiet & Private Spaces
  • Bathrooms

The curriculum provides the child with situations that may safely test levels of development and independence. This is done at a pace and in an environment where the child feels comfortable and secure.

To encourage experimentation and mastery, the curriculum provides age and developmentally appropriate materials and equipment. The ability to make choices is developed from providing children with a limited number of alternatives in any given situation throughout the day. Making choices enables children to exercise their autonomy, to learn from self-imposed consequences, and to know the world as a place of alternatives.