"The purpose of rules and routines is to make it possible for the really important aspects of classroom life to go smoothly – the pursuit of intellectual social, physical, aesthetical and moral learning goals."
– Lillian G. Katz, PhD

Policies Rules, Routines & Reinforcement

The goal of the discipline policy of the CCC is to foster the development of self-realization in children. We recognize that every child is an individual with separate needs. At the same time, each child must function within a group of peers. Our philosophy holds that respect for the child is our highest ideal.

Children have choices and rights. Participation in activities is encouraged; an individual child's objection or aversion to an activity must be accommodated whenever feasible. Children's responses are used to determine their interests and the meaningfulness of an activity to each child. Children's choices are respected.

Children also have responsibilities. Limits are established clearly for all children with words and through example. They are reinforced on a regular basis. Children are made aware of the basic rules and of predictable consequences, e.g. loss of turn.

We recognize that some health issues, specifically those related to food, to hygiene and to rest, may be the focus of control issues for some children. It is the responsibility of the teaching staff to separate these issues from the realm of discipline.

Objects that provide security, comfort and rest, such as blankets and pillows, will not be withheld at rest time. Exceptions may be made when an object is being used in a disruptive or harmful manner.