School-Age Programs (K through grade 6)

Curriculum and Philosophy

The curriculum and teaching practices of our After School Care (ASC) program align with those of all YSCCC programs in the belief that children learn through play. The ASC is designed to allow children to decompress from their full day of school. Just like adults after working a full day, children also have different ways of relaxing and decompressing from their long day at school.

All lesson plans are aligned with not only the Ohio state standards but also Step Up to Quality and our Links to Learning curriculum. While the after school program is designed with an emphasis on art enrichment, children can freely choose their play activates, figuring out how things work, interacting with each other, trying out new roles, experimenting with their own ideas, building on their experiences and solving real problems. Making choices enables children to exercise their autonomy, to learn from self-imposed consequences and to know the world as a place of alternatives.

Children are provided with an environment that is responsive to each child’s developmental levels and abilities, and is based on their interests and supports their individual growth. Classroom activities, routines and procedure are individualized and child centered at the Children’s Center and ASC.

Community Children's Center offers a variety of programs to help serve our community, YSCCC parents and Mills Lawn Elementary School parents. We ensure quality care for their children before and after regular school hours and when regular school activities are interrupted, as well as during the summer months.

During all these times, our programs provide:

  • Secure environment with enriching activities with an emphasis on the arts, community exploration, and daily living activities.
  • Emphasis on learning to be responsible, exercise self-control and develop social relationships.
  • Nurturing staff that help guide and support each child as a natural and individual learner and human being.

Before School Care (BSC)

Before school care is available for Center and Mills Lawn children beginning an hour before school starts, and for up to two hours when there are public school delays. Full day closings are not included, and children must be picked up if school is canceled

Mills Lawn Late Wednesday Before School Care (LWBSC)

For one low rate Wednesday Before-School Care is available for Center and Mills Lawn children from 8am–10am each late Wednesday for teacher in-services.

After School Care (ASC)

For both Center and Mills Lawn children, after school care is available until 6pm. The program is designed to provide a safe, stimulating and educational environment that is child-centered. In general, the daily schedule includes organized activities, both indoors and outdoors, quiet/homework time, snack and free play.

Mills Lawn children through grade 1 are delivered to the Center for activities in the Emerald Room; grades 2-6 children remain at Mills Lawn under the care of Children's Center faculty.

At Mills Lawn, the program has the space of at least half of the gym, the outdoors (weather permitting) and additional rooms as needed.

Extended School-Age Care (ESAC)

Our most complete care option, for Center and Mills Lawn students alike, provides for before school (including a healthy breakfast), after school, snow days, holidays, teacher days, delays and Mills Lawn closings. ESAC is available all year long.


School-Age Summer Program (SASP)

The summer program runs eleven weeks from the end of the school year in early June to the beginning of school in late August. The program is not only designed to educate but to allow children to experience a summer vacation as well. Activities include regular walks and exploration of the Village of Yellow Springs, visits to the Gaunt Park Pool and several field trips throughout the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus areas.

Swimming: Children routinely walk to the Gaunt Park pool every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The class leaves the center at 12:30 and stays at the pool until 4:00. Child to staff ratios are tightened for pool activities to ensure the safety of all children. The staff is required to observe and factitively participate with children at all times. Sunscreen is brought with each child and reapplied while on breaks at the pool. A snack is served at the pool.

Field Trips: Field trips are a regular part of SASP. Before each trip, a separate permission slip must be signed by the Parent/Guardian. Parents/Guardians will be informed of all details. Staff members routinely count students and perform role call. All safety rules and guidelines are addressed with children, staff and chaperones before boarding the bus. Each child wears identification with the Center’s names, address and phone number included. A first aid kit, a person trained in first aid and emergency forms and health records for each child will be available on all trips. Staff to child ratios will be maintained at all times and children will be supervised at all times.

When a child is not participating in a classroom field trip at a parent/guardian’s request, an alternate care will need to be arranged by the parent/guardian.


Sample Schedules

After School Care









Children arrive

Class meeting

Outdoor or group play


Class activity

Outside play

Clean up

Child pick-up


Extended Care and Summer Care Programs














Arrival/Early Care

Clean Up


Outside Time

Class Activity


Afternoon Activity

Quiet Time

Class Activity


Outside Play/Free Play

Clean Up

Late Program

All schedules are adapted to meet the needs of the individual activities or program needs such as pool days, field trips, walks, enrichment classes or summer camps.