General Information

Hours Of Operation

The Children’s Community Center is open from 7am to 5:30pm EST, or 6pm if your child is enrolled in the Late Program.

About Us

The Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center (YSCCC) has a long history of educating children in Yellow Springs.  Opening as The Community Nursery School in 1926 it was one of the first two in Ohio and was eighteenth in the country.

YSCCC incorporated in 1946 and has continued the tradition of serving families of our diverse community and neighboring counties.

Benefits of YSCCC:

  • Supportive and nurturing staff.
  • Value outdoor play and has an accommodating play space.
  • Access to the Glen Helen and   artistic community.
  • Children learn through play.
  • Uses Creative Curriculum.
  • Affordable care and education.
  • Title XX accepted.


The Community Children's Center is a private, non-profit corporation. Each legal custodian (parent or guardian) of a child in the school is a member of the corporation for the term of the child's enrollment. The Board of Trustees is elected by the corporation members at the annual meeting in November, from a slate presented by the Nomination Committee. Nominations can also be taken from the floor at the annual meeting. A minimum of three Trustees must be parents or guardians of enrolled children. The Board elects from among its Trustees a president, vice president, a secretary and a treasurer. The Board attempts to be representative of the diversity of the corporate members.

The Board of Trustees is required to hold regular meetings in at least eight months of the year. With the exception of executive sessions (reserved for personnel or other sensitive matters), these meetings are open to members of the corporation and to the staff and administrators. Each agenda includes a "parent/guardian time" when parents/guardians may address the Board. Most of the work of the Board is conducted through standing committees – Personnel, Finance, Development, Parent/Guardian Advisory, Building and Grounds and Nominating. Corporate members and staff are encouraged to participate on committees.

The Board of Trustees is legally responsible for the control and management of the affairs of the corporation, subject to the will of the corporate members. However, the Board of Trustees of the CCC reserves the right to modify, amend, add or eliminate any and all policies or procedures at any time, without prior notice to, consultation with, or agreement from other parties. The Board provides leadership to the Center, recommending policies, priorities, projects and programs in accordance with Center's policy and philosophy, as outlined by the Board.

State Licensing

From the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services:

All center-based day care programs must be licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. The license is posted on the bulletin board by the front door entrance. The Center is inspected two times a year by the department. One visit is unannounced.

The licensing rules state that the building must be inspected and approved for a child day care center by a certified municipal or county building department for initial licensure and after any major modification. The State also requires us to be annually inspected and approved by the fire safety inspector of the township. This inspection report is sent to ODJFS and kept on file at the Center. The fire department requires us to get our fire extinguishers inspected and tested, and to have our oven hood and alarm system inspected and to document this safety monitoring.

The State requires us to keep a current food service license from the Health Department. We are inspected at least once a year for this license. The inspection is unannounced. This license is posted on the bulletin board by the front door entrance.

Privacy Policy

The Community Children’s Center web site does not store any information regarding who has visited this web site. Be assured that your anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Moreover, the identies of the children who attend the Community Children's Center are protected by the exclusion of last names.