The Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center is open to all children from the ages of 18 months through the third grade regardless of ability, race, religion or ethnic background. Generally, admission is on a first-come basis. The Center is committed to serving low-income families. A percentage of the total enrollment capacity is reserved for Title XX recipients as well as other families eligible for tuition scholarship. The Center maintains a waiting list based on the date order on which notification was received. Families are notified as soon as space is available in the appropriate program or group. At times consideration is given to the balancing of gender, age, temperament and ethnicity within a classroom.

Our Enrollment and Transitioning Process

To enroll a child, parents/guardians tour the Center and visit the appropriate program. The registration packet along with the registration fee of $25 is due before the parent/guardian leaves the child for the first time. A returning family will be charged the full registration fee of $25 per child if over 6 months have lapsed between withdrawal and re-enrollment. The fee will be $10 if the time span is less than 6 months.

A minimum of two visits for preschoolers and three for toddlers are scheduled before the actual first day of attendance. At least one visit is recommended for the School Age Program.

  • The first and second visit (for toddlers), at least 1 hour in length, is made by the parent/guardian and the child together.
  • The second or third (for toddlers) visit begins with initial parent/guardian support (minimum of 15 minutes). The adult family member then tells the child good-bye and leaves for a maximum of 1 hour. The adult meets with the Director for an orientation.
  • If the teacher or parent/guardian feels that more visits are necessary for a smooth transition, they may be requested and scheduled.
  • School-age children may be excused from the second visit.

Medical forms for children who have not reached the age of Kindergarten attendance must be updated annually. The Health and Enrollment Form must be updated annually for all children.

Upon a child transitioning into either the Preschool or School-Age Programs, the parent/guardian will receive a transition letter detailing the choice of classroom based on gender, age, temperament, and ethnicity along with the visiting schedule. Input from the parent/guardian is welcome. The current teacher and parent/guardian will sign the transition letter indicating their agreement of the plan.


Parents/guardians have unlimited access to the Center. Visits are encouraged. The teacher and adult family members decide, according to the child's needs, the most favorable way for involvement. If a parent/guardian comes into the building not intending to spend time with his/her child, a strong attempt will be made to shelter the child from viewing the loved one, unless the child is comfortable with a brief encounter.

The Center encourages friends, family members, volunteers, students, and anyone interested to visit. All prospective personnel and most prospective parent/guardians tour the building and grounds and spend time observing in classrooms. Appointments can be made or visitors may stop at the front desk for inquiries. The Center is a non-smoking facility.

Tuition and Fees (Effective July 1, 2016)

Full Day Program closes at 5:30pm
AM program hours: 7am-12:30pm
PM program hours: 12:30pm-5:30pm

Late Program hours: 5:30-6pm (additional fees apply – see below)

Registration Fee: $25 non-refundable

Late Program (5:30-6pm) Fee: $35.00 per child per month

Sibling Fee Reduction: When more than one child from a family is enrolled, there is a 10% reduction of the least expensive slot.

We offer full time and part-time toddler, preschool and after care for school age at Mills Lawn Elementary. Please contact the Yellow Springs Community Children's Center for current pricing. (937)767-7236 or email